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Secrets of the Side-pour Tap

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Next time you’re admiring a Tapster’s pours in person, you might notice the unique tap they use for Pilsner Urquell. Instead of the typical vertical tap handle that pulls straight back, Tapsters pour our golden lager with a tap that turns sideways.

The side-pour tap is a Central European creation, and you’ll see it in any Czech pub that really cares about beer. This is the birthplace of lagers after all, and the side-pour tap is ideal for pouring lager because it ensures there’s always plenty of dense, wet foam.

The side-pour tap brings out the spicy, herbal Saaz hop aromas of Pilsner Urquell and its special design allows the Tapster to pour it quickly, with wet foam on top and golden lager beneath.

The faucet is longer than usual taps, and should be submerged in the beer as the glass fills. Unlike vertical taps, which have a plunger valve, side-pour taps are built around a ball valve. The Tapster opens the tap for more beer and closes it for more wet foam. Inside the faucet there’s a small screen, which aerates the beer and makes the foam thicker.

Every Pilsner Urquell should have a head of dense, wet foam to protect the beer and keep it fresh. That’s why our golden lager tastes best when served from a side-pour tap, and that’s why our Tapsters use them in every Tankovna bar.

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