Maria Nyström

Sweden, Gothenburg

Born in

Sundsvall, Sweden

Tapster at

Gyllene Prag

I started drinking beer when I was young after I stole a bottle from my dad! After that I always wanted to be involved with beer – then I met Pilsner Urquell and I love continuing their story. It’s stayed the same for over 175 years – it’s not trying to be something it’s not. Our bar in Gothenburg was started by four Czechs who had their own betting syndicate. They won big and instead of blowing their winnings, they decided to use the money to build a restaurant. They served Czech food – on the opening night they phoned their mothers back home to check certain recipes! Today we still run it in the spirit of the original owners – to bring the best of Czech to Sweden. I get customers of all ages asking for traditional Czech pours. That’s progress! My mum still thinks girls should drink wine, but she’s changing her opinion. She accepts I am passionate about beer. As a Tapster, I explain that it’s not just about getting drunk, but how it’s kept, poured and enjoyed. Now she’s asking me for recommendations.

If you were a beer, what beer would you be?

I’d be an incredibly hopped citrusy IPA. It’s got every flavour you could want. Hops, passion, flavour and colour. It’s like me – a colourful character and colourful arms!

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